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April 30th, 2012~ Beautiful


Right now

I don’t believe

That anything

Can go more wrong;

You’re gone

And it’s about time

For em to move on

And get over the past

With tears.

My heart

Has turned to stone,


Frozen in time

With you.

And as it aches,

I fall-

Feeling the thrill

Or finally living.

Because even if I’m not

Always loved,

And nowhere near the best that’s out there;

I’ll look beyond

The imperfections and see,

Just another time to say,

“Oh! My life was perfect,

And you were worth it”


“Oh! What a beautiful day

In every day,

And my imperfections

Make me beautiful.”

April 29th, 2012~ My Dreams

My Dreams


Floating around the ocean,

Jumping across seas.

Traveling down a river,

And crossing all the deserts.

Falling in a trench,

And climbing up a tree.

All my dreams,

They never see,

You standing next to me.

Broken-hearted rhyming,

And lost hearts among the waterlines.

Everything I’ve ever seen

Transforms inside my dreams.

Dedicated smiles,

And lost cries.

Everything that falls apart,

Builds to something better.

Waiting for the next day to come,

What’s lost will all be found.

I think of it,

When my dreams come back to you.

Lost but never found,

My heart sunk deep with a rock.

Falling under seas,

I can’t stand to be alone.

Darkness consuming,

Yet light always pushes through.

My life transforms,

When my dreams return to you.

April 28th, 2012~ Your Love

Your Love

An embrace to remind me that

I’m the only girl for you.

A kiss to tell me why

I love you the way I do.

Another hug to whisper in my ear

How much I really mean,

But in the end it’s still the same

You always were a drug to me.


A kick to remind me that

Our souls can never blend.

A punch to tell me why

I was never the one for you.

Another dose of hurt sent my way

To get the message clear,

But in the end it’s all changed

You never really loved me.


Your love

Makes me die,

Yet at the same time makes me

Fly up to the sky

And brings me to the highest point

Of happiness I’ve ever felt.

Your love

Is the greatest weapon

I have ever come upon.


A squeeze of the hand,

To remind me of all I was.

An arm around my waist,

To keep me under your eye.

A hand playing with my hair,

I was always yours

Yet you were never mine,

And it was all your doing.


Your love,

Is the secret that I’ll never tell


Our love,

Was never once a fairytale.

All I know,

Is that tomorrow will still

Be the same and,

I’m sorry for all the rain.

April 27th, 2012~ Invisible


Walking around the same old roads,

Yet something still is missing

From the happiness that brought me here.

Looking around for the people I’ve met,

They meant so much to me

So why did they leave?

Always feeling so alone,

No one to hold…

I’m worried that I can’t live much longer~


But I hold on tight

To the hope that still remains,

And I put up a fight

And a wall to hold me in.

I’ll keep looking for the one

That I can give the pieces of my heart to-

And when I’m found,

I’ll no longer be invisible.


Wandering around,

Feeling the love I once felt slip

From my broken fingertips.

Dreaming of everything and everyone

Just to,

Hold myself together.

Hoping that everything will change,


Everything will stay the same.

I’m worried that my time has come to fall~


But I’ll hold still,

Not budge because

This all is real,

And it’s all I’ll ever know.

It’s all I ever need

Or dream.

And when I’m found,

I’ll no longer be invisible.


Still here,

Lost under the blankets


Easily misplaced.

Where do I go from here?


Take me away to somewhere


I’m worried that my days are slowing down~


But I’ll put on a brave face,

Shoot up into the sky just to

Feel the thrill

Or falling straight back down

And I’ll,

Walk along this path of broken

Memories so,

When I’m found by you again


I’ll no longer be invisible.

April 26th, 2012~ Arms


You put your arms around me,

And I believe

That it’s easier for me

To let you go.

But every time you step closer,

Tell me that I am 


I lose all my train of thought

That maybe we aren’t so perfect after all.

I hope that you see right 

Through my walls;

Although I know that I am complicated,

I just can’t help but feel

Your arms wrapped around me,

And my heart finally whole.

I never want to leave you,

But I can’t stand to stay

When nothing ever goes right.

Every time i begin to love,

Something goes so horribly wrong.

Of course,

I say goodbye

And move on.

But now I’m beginning to fall,

So catch me,


This could be life or death for me.

I tried my best to

Never let you in,

Or let you go.

But nothing is perfect,

And so I must go.

I was never loved,

Till you held me close,

And we tore ourselves away

Even though it felt right.

I guess I was scared,

Of what was behind your walls.

Or maybe we were both worried,

Of what will come wrong.

Either way

It all ends the same,

You put your arms around me

And I’m home.

April 25th, 2012~ For you

For You


Under the sun

That’s ever been for me


I give them all to you.

I’ll dance across the water,

Glide around the clouds,

But in the end

All the joy I have,

It’s all because

You’re there in my memories.



When nothing goes right,

I pull out the things you gave me,

And hold them tight.

I guess I’m hoping,

You’ll listen to my cies,

Maybe help me realize

I can find someone better.

I guess maybe it’s not quite yet


To get away from you.


But my heart,

Is too strong

And it wants you here.

So I’ll put up with the pain,

And wait for you to return.

Because everything

Under the sky,

It’s all from me to you.

And every ounce of joy

I have,

It was all because of you.


Walking around,

Not nearly an empty shell,

You gave me all the hope I need

To a last a billion lifetimes.

Everything I said

Was worth it in the end,

And everything we did,

Was a dream come true.

Everyone I meet,

They never understand;

You did.


I’ll do anything

For you;

I’ll get anything

For you;

I’ll dream of everything

For you;

I’ll hold out my heart

For you;

I’ll cry all my tears

For you;

I’m waiting for you.

April 24th, 2012~ Ice




Always left behind.



Not able to see the light.



Walls built to trap me in.



Only one can save me now.



What makes her so much better than me.



Must you leave me so?



A hole growing in my heart.



Worrying that you’ll leave me.



Maybe that’s all we’ll ever have.



Why is she so much better than me?



You’d realize what I was feeling.


No communication,

You never talk to me.



The ice would be gone.



My life and death.


My life and death.

April 23rd, 2012~ Safe


Knowing that you’re

Here by me,

Is all that I can ask for.

Watching as a smile,

Lights up your fair features,

Makes me smile inside.

Knowing that you’re


Always surrounded by friends,

Even if I’m lonely

And alone,

At least I know you trust in me.

Hoping that maybe,

People will come to fear my tears,

As I push myself farther,

Reaching for you

And your fire.

I fear that maybe,

You’ll slip out of my grasp,

And once again,

Everything will collapse.

Air wraps around me,

Trying to dry my fears,

I’ll be safe with both of you,

Both fire

And air.

Stars rise in the sky,

Whispering songs just for our ears,

And the sun lowers in the dark,

As our souls begin to blend.

Perfect sounds against the waves,

And whispers as we rise to say,

“I’m safe with you,

My soul included.”

And memories dance along the flames,

Flickering across the sky,

And flowing along the waves.

I’m always


With you,

Forever and always…

That’s a 



April 22nd, 2012~ My Same

My Same

I never have found a way,

To give up

And move on;

You never found a way to realize,

That I’m not right for you.

Based on your expressions,

I’m a drug you can’t let go off-

Yearning for more.

The biggest problem is that,

I don’t know what you see in me,

Or what makes me you see me as


Maybe I’m not supposed to understand,

The way you work

Or the way you feel,

But I’ve done some pretty terrible things.

Somehow you,

Stayed by my side.

I guess your feelings saved us,

And my chances to be happy.

I normally don’t pick a favorite,

But in this situation,

I guess I can make an exception.

I need you to

Stand by my side,

Not question my confusion,

And support me when I fail.

I’m prone to mistakes,

And yearn for perfection;

Reaching for the moon,

Always landing among the stars.

Not stopping until the

Job is done,

Needing to be happy;

My stoning drug.


Haunting words,

Floating around my head,

All lies,

But they sound so true.

I used to be a perfect girl,

Now they all know wrong;

I’ve hurt many people,

Although they’re all forgiven me.

Maybe I’ve done some bad things,

And I regret every mistake;

Just remember I am human,

And you’ll regret what you’ve said.

Even though I know it’s a lie,

Your words cover me in ice,

A throbbing pain to accompany me,

Lost forever in a sea of tears.

Alone again.

Yet somehow,

There’s someone,

Who sees me better;

Who believes that I,

Am something more

Than a broken soul.

So I’ll push through,

For the few that believe,

I can do anything

Because I have people by my side.

A throbbing pain,

Spreading through my body,

But I have the endurance

The strength,

To push through the fire.

My element is water,

Soft but sure,

I’ll wreck everything that threatens

To tear me down.

Violent but kind,

One person

One whole,

There will always be another half

To relieve all my scars.


All I need,

Is to finally be happy,

Never thought of as wrong

Or judged for fun.

I need my girls to be fearless,

Not worry about tomorrow;

That’s my job,

It always has been,

I’m taking care of them.

Maybe I’m not at my best,

But every day they grow brighter,

Even if I die of dullness,

I’ll forever be grateful for them.

You are,

My same;

A light out of the dark,

The reason I wake up in the morning

And fall asleep at night.

Someone left a whole behind,

And I need the love forever.

Sometimes when it comes to great-

I’ll fall into a ditch,

Wishing for my life to be over.

Until your face shatters my sadness,

And everything turns clear;

Without your blinding love,

I’d never be here.

So I’ll thank you for loving me,

And standing by my side.

I’ll thank those who’ve hurt me,

They have brought me to you.

Even those who hate me,

I won’t dislike them back’

We’ve all made some mistakes…

And right now,

You’re my same.


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